Theater Technicians are the "unseen" personnel responsible for making sure the actors are seen and heard.  Techies become  mysterious stage-crafters responsible for essential aspects of any theatrical production.  Tech personnel 'run' the stage.  Every Catholic School seems to have  a stage somewhere.  If your lucky, your school may have a complete theater. 

There is a Light was created with the idea that we should not only encourage challenging acting and story telling on the stages of our Catholic Schools, but also offer serious opportunities for young Catholic students to be the "unseen" engine behind a production.  5th and 6th grade is the ideal age for There is a Light tech, they already operate electronic devices in daily life, why not direct that energy towards a great and worthy project? 


Skepticism and doubt are a darkness that is real.  There is a Light theater tech are in the perfect position to shine a light, both literally and figuratively.  Your Catholic School and parish have parents who are familiar with lighting and sound.  All you have to do is put out a vision and a call.  You will be surprised how many people are eager to share their expertise and experience!