Sr. Vocare



In the musical, the crusty, wise Dominican Sister Vocare emerges from the kitchen and encourages us to consider our vocation.  She offers a glimpse into the life of a religious sister who has been forgotten by both parish and school, but keeps on praying and living her vocation.  What good is a Catholic Musical if it fails to teach the faith?  What benefit is a Catholic production that does not remind us that we are loved and called to embrace VOCATION as we journey through the great adventure of life.   


We are made to be given to one another.  Parents and parish priests are a great visual example of what it means to be given to another; Imagine the 2 A.M. cry from a sick child prompting a tired and sleepy mom or dad to roll out of bed and make their way to comfort and care for their son or daughter.  Another example is your parish priest.  Your parish priest is 'given' in service to the corporal and spiritual needs of your whole community!  He may receive calls at anytime day or night to go to the hospital, hospice or home of a sick or dying parishioner.  Your pastor will sit with them, comfort them, anoint them and pray with their family.   


 Religious live a unique and beautiful expression of our faith.  They take vows that include; poverty, simplicity, chastity, and obedience.  They work in different ways.  Some are monastic and given to contemplation and prayer; daily and continuous prayer, morning, noon, night.  Many orders are Apostolic and dedicated to serving and working with people; the poor, the sick and the homeless.  They pray frequently but also serve outside the confines of a convent or monastery.  What does God have in store for you and your life right now? Intentional poverty and simplicity are not often suggested by parents to their children as a way of life in today's society. Would you consider exploring this vocation?

For women, check out these links:

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ: A vowed religious community of Roman Catholic women who were founded in 1834 as a teaching order by the Italian, St. Maria De Mattias, in the small town of Acuto Italy. Worldwide, we are 2,000 women strong, including 200+ in the U.S.  

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes Since 1858, the Sisters of St. Agnes have been inspired to participate in the mission of Christ. Sisters of St. Agnes respond to those whose faith life or human dignity is threatened. Rooted in Christ through prayer and worship, CSA serves in both rural and urban settings throughout the United States and Latin America.

The Congregation De Notre-Dame: The Congrégation de Notre-Dame is a Catholic community of women religious of apostolic faith founded in the 17th century by Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, first educator of Montreal and a pioneer of New France.  We come from countries in North America, Central America, Asia, Africa and Europe where we live and work among the people. 

Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecelia. 

Here is a directory of women's Religious Communities:

For men, check out these links:  

The Capuchin Franciscans:  The Franciscans are referred to as “friars,” from the Latin frater, meaning “brother.” Franciscans are essentially an order of brothers striving to live the Gospel with the same simplicity and fervor as their founder, St. Francis of Assisi. After growing up in a wealthy family and then experiencing a powerful conversion at the age of 25, Francis donned the clothes of a penitent and began to live a very poor lifestyle, dedicating himself to prayer and service of the poor. Before long, inspired by his fervent lifestyle, men began to join Francis and to imitate his way of life.

The Alexian Brothers: The Congregation of Alexian Brothers is a lay, apostolic Catholic Order whose Brothers, bound together by religious vows, dedicate themselves primarily to live in community and to participate in the ministry of healing in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. For almost 800 years, the Alexian Brothers have cared for the sick, the aged, the unloved, the unwanted, the poor, and the dying.

Companions of the Cross:  The Companions of the Cross was founded in 1985 by Rev. Robert Bedard, CC. In 2003 we were established as a Society of Apostolic Life.   We are a community of Catholic priests inviting people to know Jesus and empowering them to share Jesus. The Companions of the Cross are dedicated to the formation of lay people. We believe that the mobilization of the whole Church is essential for authentic renewal. We strive to form lay people, call them into active service, and be united with them in fulfilling the mission of the Church.  It is our sincere hope that these formation courses support you in your faith journey, encourage you to share your faith, and inspires new leaders willing to invite others to a richer and deeper experience of their faith.

For more info, check out the Internet directory of Men's religious communities:

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