What's Cradvent?

Aaron T and St. Mel singers
Aaron Thompson


WHAT’S CRADVENT? – Blaises Song

Words and music  by Aaron Thompson ©2018

What’s Cradvent?  What’s Cradvent?

When your Advent Wreaths on remote control,

you may have Cradvent. 

When your Manger doubles as a candy bowl,

you may have Cradvent. 

Your justified, and proud to say; “Bulbs down, job done, Tree thrown away”, and its 7 A.M. on December 26th!

You buy boxing gloves for Cyber Monday fights,

you may have Cradvent. 

You decorate your Turkey with Christmas Lights

you may have Cradvent. 

Jacob Marley's ghost visits you from hell you say "Sit down, relax, boy you look swell!

Well, you may have Cradvent, right here in Universal Town!

You eat twelve day feast in a single day.

you may have Cradvent. 

You think Balthasar is a Shakespeare play.

you may have Cradvent. 

You tell the Drummers and the pipers that you cut the show, one maid can milk,

let the others go, you may have Cradvent right here in Universal Town.

I’m telling you…Keradvent!  It’s coming….For all of us!