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It was wonderful! To see the school involved and excited was a blessing. Everyone left happier to be Catholic. What talent Mr. Thompson has! Thanks be to God!
Bravo!!! very enjoyable thank you for all you talent and effort to bring joy to the Season of Advent. Take a bow!
I hope more people can see this musical, the songs were carefully written as well as the tune that goes along with it. It’s promoting faith, hope and service through accepting the call of vocation. People needs to realize that life has a higher purpose of glorifying kingdom of God. This is one creation that people needs to see.
There Is A Light gave us a fresh and inspiring way to experience the season. The music is brilliant, catchy, fun and engaging! There were many laughs... and serious messages, too! Most importantly, the students benefited: a musical requires that students support one another, be disciplined and accountable. These are great life lessons! This was a phenomenal experience for our entire family. And Aaron’s patience, dedication and passion for the performing arts and our Catholic faith is evident.
From the moment i heard the songs for There is a Light, i had no doubt that it would be a hit! Innovative, thought provoking, and entertaining are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this show. Aaron did an exceptional job not only writing and composing the songs, but executing the entire show. Leading with kindness and faith, our children have gained so much by being part of this wonderful experience. It made my heart happy to hear the children backstage after the show full out singing the songs, and wanting to do it again. Congratulations on a job well done!
Last night I attended the musical at St. Mel Church ,"There is a Light ". It was wonderful. Advent presented in a modern way to allow the students to understand what it means. Keep up the good work , Mr. Thompson. We also love the music at Mass that you have brought to St. Mel. Your music and talent are amazing. Thank you very much.
Hi! I just wanted to say how thankful I am to be in this show! Being Sister Vocare was very fun and taught me to answer God’s call in my life. Thank You for this opportunity!
There is a Light musical was truly a one of a kind experience. The music was simply beautiful. The show was funny, engaging, witty and brought to light the beauty of the advent season that has been lost in our culture. It was an amazing experience tonight to witness these amazing children with their God given talents bring Aaron’s vision and story to life. I was also impressed with the tech and lighting crew who were all students. Aaron is very talented and his creative spirit is a blessing to our community. I know this experience will become happy memories for the children for years to come. No doubt God was smiling down on Doheny Hall these past two evenings. I hope this is the beginning of many more productions from Aaron!
So a catholic school play? what is that? I was a little leery...then I heard the music, some of the script, the parent and children participation and I thought...interesting... Well fast forward.....7 months, after MUCH hard work and practice, I saw the play last night and it was FANTASTIC, riveting, captivating, enthralling, joyful, different, funny, modern, educational and a wonderfully brought to life Production! I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my daughter for the experience and the growth and empowering participation. Thanks Aaron for bringing your thoughts and music and knowledge to life in such a magnificent way!! We appreciate you and your sleepless nights as well as the time you and your Family put into our School and children!
Such a fantastic opportunity for our children and a great message and reminder for us all and our community. Thank you so much for helping us to share the light!