THERE IS A LIGHT will premiere December 13th and 14th at St. Mel School Diocese of Sacramento. 



Your entire Catholic school has been cast in a musical, youngest to oldest, they all sing and play a part. Thirteen lead roles by audition.  A musical score sweeping, clever and bold like a musical should be. A script that is relevant, funny, faith-filled, exploding with theology, and imagery of darkness and light.  the main song "there is a Light" is performed by the entire student body in a darkened theater with hand lights. 

If you have journeyed with a Catholic School at any time in your life, you will appreciate the self-deprecating humor, artistry and unashamedly Catholic narrative of There is a Light.  It's an easy community builder and perfect fund raiser.  It is time to light the lights, set the stage and open the curtains of our imaginations.    




A cast of quirky Catholic characters: Vesper, Xavier, Blaise, Novena, Cosmos, Pieta, Iggy, Gabriella and Cruz are joined by Sister Vocare; the forgotten nun and Mrs. Veras; the exhuberant high-spirited school principal.  The students of Saint Veronica School in Universal Town are ever desperate to create the “ultimate fundraiser” and forever bridge the funding gap between Scrip and Auction.  Students Cosmos and Novena convince the school to offer discount cellular service.  They quickly assemble rickety cellular towers on the  roof of St. Veronica School cafeteria.  The outdated equipment fails, chaos ensues during Monday morning assembly and the entire student body of St. Veronica school is thrown back through time.  “Do Catholics even believe in time travel"?  "Well, no matter how far we go back in time, tuition rates will remain a current levels"! declares Mrs. Veras. 



This is Universal Town.  Universal Town is where all of us live and where the tale of St. Veronica School unfolds this Advent.  Universal Town is located in small towns busy cities, and quiet suburbs everywhere. St. Veronica School is where the musical takes place.  The Story:  the student body, locked inside a dark gym and careening back through time must confront fear and darkness with the weapons of faith and prayer.  When all seems lost, a forgotten, quirky nun named Sister Vocare emerges from the kitchen, doughnut in hand to remind the anxious students to "remember the call"! Darkness and fear, faith and prayer, maybe the parents of St. Veronica School are a lot like us!

Scene I: The musical opens with a Christmas Pageant at St. Veronica School.  M.C. Blaise and Iggy spar over how best to compete with shopping Mall Santa and the Fried Reindeer food court experience.  Blaise is all for an early Christmas.  Iggy is hesitant and reflects on her time in detention where she read a book about Advent, the waiting, the darkness, the light.   Our opening scene culminates with an unexpected narrative and pageant led by 3rd grade readers.  

Scene II:  Vesper and Xavier's Home.  Vesper and Xavier play video games and discuss the eriee message Fr. Paul delivered at mass.  "He said, he's coming, and we are going to have to make room"!  "Make room for who"? (asks Xavier).  "They said he lives in the desert, eats bugs and wears camel hair clothing"! (Exclaims Vesper).  "No Way!  What store even sells camel hair clothing....Target"?? (replies Xavier). 

Scene III: The musical continues with  a misguided but sincere character Blaise suggesting to Fr. Paul:  "we all know that by week one of Advent the whole world is singing Christmas songs.  Why go against the flow? Let's cut to the chase.  We should officially shorten Advent and start Christmas two weeks early.  We can call the whole thing 'Cradvent'!  

What's Cradvent?   "Jacob Marley's ghost visits you from hell, you say sit down, relax, your looking swell! "You got Cradvent, right here in Universal Town folks.. CRADVENT.  It's coming....for all of us!"  

Scene IV and V synopsis coming soon!



Have you noticed that every catholic school has a gym and a stage...with curtains...that move?   We all enjoy classic productions like; Annie, Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, The Lion King and Oliver.  Good theater offers entertainment and an important moral message, but they won't help us raise our children in the faith, call us to Vocation or renew our parish/school bond. 

 In 1999 Pope John Paul II wrote a letter to artists encouraging us to "search for new epiphanies of beauty".  An Epiphany is a life changing moment or realization.   There is a Light was intended to be more than just theater, it is a journey to build faith and awaken the imagination.    


There is a Light will be premiered at St. Mel Catholic School in Fair Oaks California on December 13/14. 

For tickets and more information, click the calendar link above. 

 Here's to new epiphanies, to the struggle, to excellence enough to capture the imagination of a weary, skeptical world.


 Aaron Thompson - Author

There is a Light, and the darkness will not overcome the light. 




....And the Darkness will not overcome the Light. 


 Aaron Thompson 

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Aaron Thompson

Musical Premier

Dec 13, 2018
SHOW PREMIER. St. Mel School Doheny Hall
Fair Oaks California
Dec 14, 2018
SHOW PREMIER St. Mel School Doheny Hall
Fair Oaks California

Tickets available at St. Mel School